1. Sign our petition demanding that Safeway eliminate restrictive deeds preventing new grocery stores from replacing them on their former properties.
  2. Please only buy chocolate that is vegan and does not support the worst forms of child labor, including slavery.
    See which chocolate companies to support or avoid.
  3. Want to go vegan? Not sure how? Or are you a new vegan and want some support?
    Are you ready to commit to extending your compassionate values to human and non-human animals and the environment once and for all?
    Food Empowerment Project’s Food Chain is 12 monthly newsletters to help people go and stay vegan.
  4. Spread the word to your friends and family by sharing our websites with them: FoodIsPower.org and VeganMexicanFood.com (full of great recipes).
  5. Friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram where you can like and share our messaging. Also, sign up for our alerts.
  6. Order our leaflets and share with friends, family and colleagues and/or leave them at vegan restaurants, natural food stores, etc.
    Make sure to ask permission from the venue.
  7. Volunteer: Help us table at events! Send us locations where you can help table.
  8. Donate your vegan recipes with photos! We will put them up on our website, with your name.

We can be contacted by email at info@www.foodispower.org.