Eat with Purpose

1. Go vegan – For the animals, the environment, humanity, and your health.

2. Shop with care – Minimize your support of corporations that violate human and animal rights.

3. Choose organic – Agricultural chemicals hurt workersthe environment, and your health! Strive to buy organic whenever possible.

4. Ethical chocolate – Before buying, check our chocolate list.

5. Speak up! – Use your voice when you shop. Fill out comment cards, send email comments, or speak to store managers about available food options.

6. Bring your own – Use reusable bags, silverware, and containers when you shop and eat out. Avoid plastic and bring your own bags when you buy groceries and produce (reuse!).

7. Buy local – Support the farmers’ market in your community.

8. Sign up for our e-alerts.

9. Spread the word – Share what you learn with others!

10. Think outside the bottle – Avoid buying water in plastic bottles.

And although the following are things you might not be able to do immediately, they are just as important to consider:

* Please note, although Food Empowerment Project is linking to other organizations for their work on promoting local and organic produce or fair trade products, we do not necessarily endorse the entire content of their website or mission.

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