Food Empowerment Project’s various initiatives have been included in conferences, podcasts, interviews and other news sources, throughout the last decade. Below are details and links for these news sources; feel free to share!

  • New Vegan Website Features Lao Food
    Newly launched highlights delicious plant-based recipes for the Lao community, vegans and the vegan-curious!

    Date: April 2021 | Source: Food Empowerment Project | Category: Press Release

  • 2021 Animal Law Review Symposium: Food Justice – Breaking Interconnected Systems of Oppression
    Summary: In this presentation, lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project examines various interconnected abuses in our food system, including non-human animal exploitation, farm worker injustices, slavery, environmental racism, and lack of access to healthy foods in Black and Brown communities and low-income areas.

    Date: February 2021 | Source: Animal Law Review Symposium | Category: Presentation

  • Food Empowerment Project Employs Education to Help Consumers Make Ethical Food Choices
    Summary: Food Empowerment Project is working to address issues within the food system that include food access, climate change, and farm worker justice.

    Date: January 2021 | Source: Food Tank | Category: Article

  • 121 Food Organizations to Watch in 2021
    Summary: Food Tank is highlighting 121 organizations rebuilding a more sustainable, equitable, and accessible food system ahead of 2021.

    Date: December 2020 | Source: Food Tank | Category: Article

  • Vegans Roast the Thanksgiving Turkey Time-Travel Flick “Free Birds”
    Summary: A lighthearted Q&A with F.E.P. founder, lauren Ornelas about the 2013 animated film Free Birds, in which the birds time travel to the first Thanksgiving to change the tradition.

    Date: November 2020 | Source: Mel Magazine | Category: Article

  • A Discussion on Food Insecurity with The Food Empowerment Project
    Summary: Virtual Roundtable Phans for Racial Equity: Focusing on the Phish music scene and the need for diversity and understanding greater issues at large. Generating action within the Phish action to benefit the Food Empowerment Project.

    Date: November 2020 | Source: Phans for Racial Equity Youtube | Category: Video

  • The Meditteranean Diet Is A Healthy Eating Plan—But It’s Far From Universal
    Summary: The Mediterranean diet, which focuses on lean proteins, seafood, and plenty of vegetables, is often promoted as one of the healthiest nutrition plans available to people. However, because it was created by westerners and for westerners, it’s not necessarily the best fit for all demographics, not taking into consideration cultural food traditions or the health of BIPOC communities.

    Date: November 2020 | Source: WELL + GOOD | Category: Article

  • How to Practically and Specifically Help Restaurants This Election Year
    Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of restaurant workers out of jobs, making mobilizing for restaurants this election season all the more important. Restaurant owners, other members of the community, and out-of-work restaurant workers themselves share ways to advocate for the industry. One way to help is locating food deserts and supporting charities like Food Empowerment Project that increase access to healthy, affordable food in low-income areas.

    Date: November 2020 | Source: bon appétit | Category: Article

  • 13 Latinx Movers and Shakers to Follow On Instagram
    Summary: Highlighting some prominent Instagram voices from the Latinx community who are creating and inspiring change in their fields, including F.E.P. founder, lauren Ornelas.

    Date: November 2020 | Source: Hiplatina | Category: Article

  • Farm Workers and the COVID-19 Crisis: A Conversation with lauren Ornelas
    Summary: Jose Mandez interviews lauren Ornelas where they talk about her background with food justice and farmer workers handling COVID-19 and why Food Empowerment Project is so necessary.

    Date: November 2020 | Source: Youtube | Category: Video

  • The Need for Ethical Consistency in Animal Advocacy
    Summary: Liberation cannot happen unless it happens for everyone. Championing one group or interest over another is hypocritical. The author is heartened to see more inclusiveness and diversity in vegan advocacy groups such as Food Empowerment Project.

    Date: November 2020 | Source: Sentient Media | Category: Article

  • Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean Cruelty-Free: An Interview With lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project
    Summary: Food Empowerment Project’s founder, lauren Ornelas, explains the interconnection between veganism and social justice. Food Empowerment Project works to create change and empower people with their food choices while addressing the need for systemic changes to end oppression of human and non-human animals alike.

    Date: October 2020 | Source: Animal People Forum | Category: Interview/Article

  • Eat Your Ethics: Rallying For Food Justice in Supply Chains
    Summary: Sanchi Singh talks with Food Empowerment Project founder, lauren Ornelas about food justice, particularly with regard to labor practices impacting communities of color.

    Date: October 2020 | Source: Amplify | Category: Podcast

  • The Redskins and 18 More Offensive Logos That Came Under Fire
    Summary: Many brands are currently changing logos that perpetuate racial bias, and others have historically done so. Pressure from activists, consumers, and sponsors has proved successful in forcing companies to acknowledge racist origins, and make appropriate changes Food Empowerment Project is critical of the Chiquita Banana logo that presents a carefree life in contrast to the realities of banana production, which are anything but.

    Date: October 2020 | Source: msn – money | Category: Article

  • Dollar Stores Aren’t the Answer To Alleviating Food Insecurity, So What Is?
    Summary: Dollar stores located in low-income areas that often lack a grocery store are the primary food supplier for many people in the U.S.. However, they don’t often stock produce and most of the options are nutrient-poor foods. Lauren Ornelas, founder of Food Empowerment Project, points out that they don’t typically stock organic options either and grocery stores are not necessarily a good option either due to deed restrictive practices. People want healthier options, and policymakers, grocery-store operators, and community planners have a role to play in enacting changes to increase low-income populations’ access to healthier foods.

    Date: October 2020 | Source: WELL + GOOD | Category: Article

  • More Glimmers of Hope and FEP’s lauren Orneales
    Summary: Food Empowerment Project founder, lauren Ornelas talks about her three decades of dedicated activism for animals. Hope and lauren also discuss vegan food accessibility, child slave labor in the chocolate industry, and much more.

    Date: September 2020 | Source: Hope for the Animals | Category: Podcast

  • Farmworker Bill Aim to Protect Against COVID-19 But May Not Go Far Enough
    Summary: A suite of Assembly bills likely to pass later this month could expand essential services to hundreds of thousands of farmworkers across California, but fails to address the issue of low wages, substandard living conditions, and high case rates of coronavirus infection among farmworker families.

    Date: September 2020 | Source: San Jose Spotlight | Category: Article

  • Food Fest Goes Virtual Over Three Weekends
    Summary: The fifth annual Vallejo Food Festival adapts to COVID-19 by transitioning from a six-hour, in-person festival to a free, three-part live stream series, taking place three Saturdays in a row. The festival highlights demonstrations from vegan chefs, a Q&A surrounding use of food as medicine, and offers a free vegan cookbook and recipe package to the first 16 to register each Saturday.

    Date: September 2020 | Source: Times Harald Online | Category: Article

  • Striving For Access to Nutritious, Locally Grown Food For All
    Summary: Black activists note that racial inequality can also be found where food and land are concerned, and food deserts are a prime example, especially since they are typically found in Black and Brown communities. Food Empowerment Project adds that structural racism, lack of culturally appropriate foods, and lack of land to grow food are often details overlooked in areas where food deserts are found.

    Date: September 2020 | Source: The Vape Report | Category: Article

  • Food Empowerment Fest Going Virtual in 2020
    Summary: The fifth annual Food Empowerment Project Vallejo Healthy Food Fest offers an online event which presents vegan cooking demonstrations and presentations as well as offering a free vegan starter guide to every participant.

    Date: September 2020 | Source: Daily Republic | Category: Article

  • Feeding Freedom 1
    Summary: Even though 72 billion pounds of food are lost through the supply chain each year, many people still struggle to obtain healthy, affordable food. African American and Latino families are at least 2 to 2.5 times more likely to struggle with food insecurity due to food deserts and food swamps. Food Empowerment Project founder lauren Ornelas highlights the importance of policy changes and the power of “solidarity and unity” in combating food injustice.

    Date: August 2020 | Source: YouTube | Category: Video

  • Ecociv Podcast Episode #34 – lauren Ornelas: Food Empowerment Project
    Summary: In this podcast, Ebony Bailey speaks with Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) founder lauren Ornelas about why she says that “food is power,” whether vegan products are really “cruelty free,” how exploitative food practices disproportionately impact communities of color, F.E.P’s work with farm worker rights, and about their efforts to promote healthy food access to low-income communities.

    Date: August 2020 | Source: EcoCiv | Category: Podcast

  • Abuelas en Acción: Season 1, Episode 24 / Interview with lauren Ornelas, Founder of Food Empowerment Project
    Summary: Topics discussed include COVID-19, veganism, healthy food access, farm workers, and environmental racism. Action items: if you can – go vegan, support farm workers, use recommended chocolate list, support Black and Brown farmers at Farmers Markets, etc.

    Date: August 2020 | Source: Abuelas en Accion: A Podcast for Our Common Good | Category: Podcast

  • The Inherent Racism of Our Food System
    Summary: Food production and availability is at the core of improving human health, fighting racism, and tackling climate change. Food Empowerment Project is mentioned, addressing food as a principal tool of colonization, leading to the environmental racism seen today. Plant-based eating can be a return to cultural heritage, with Black people making up the fastest growing group of plant-based eaters.

    Date: July 2020 | Source: Planet Friendly News | Category: Article

  • Struggles Bound Together: Making Animal Rights Activism Intersectional
    Summary: In this panel discussion, Food Empowerment Project founder lauren Ornelas joins members of the Jewish Vegetarian Society to discuss the importance of anti-racism and intersectionality in the animal rights movement, as well as how veganism can help us reclaim our cultural traditions. In the concluding Q&A session, panelists offer advice on how to be an anti-racist animal rights advocate and how to cope when the world’s injustices seem overwhelming.

    Date: July 2020 | Source: Jewish Veg | Category: Podcast

  • The Inequality of Food Access
    Summary: Podcast by Squeamish focusing on the inequality of Food Access in America. Guest speaker is founder/president of the Food Empowerment Project, lauren T. Ornelas.

    Date: July 2020 | Source: Squeamish | Category: Podcast

  • After Save A Lot’s Closing, Potential For Food Desert Grows In New Albany
    Summary: With the closure of Save A Lot, four more tracts that meet the poverty thresholds could also qualify. Up to 13,500 residents of New Albany may now be living in food deserts.

     Date: June 2020 | Source: WFPL Category: Article

  • Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are going away. Are these mascots next?
    Summary: Miss Chiquita has been criticized for perpetuating stereotypes of Latin Americans as primitive and Latina women as hypersexual.

     Date: June 2020 | Source: CNN Category: Article

  • Advocating for Food Justice During a Pandemic
    Summary: Interview with lauren Ornelas about her thoughts on how this current pandemic is connected to both veganism and food justice for humans — and what we can practically do about it, especially when it comes to our personal shopping habits

     Date: June 2020 | Source: Sentient Media Category: Interview

  • Mama Bear Dares: Episode 267: Food Is Power with lauren Ornelas
    Summary: Topics discussed include lauren Ornelas’ personal journey, farm worker rights, veganism, chocolate slavery, lack of access to healthy foods, and how we can make more informed choices to prevent injustice.

    Date: May 2020 | Source: Mama Bear Dares | Category: Podcast

  • Veganism, Farm Worker Rights and Food Justice.
    Summary: Interview with lauren Ornelas about her activism journey and how it led her to start the Food Empowerment Project, as well as farm worker justice issues, the importance of access to healthy foods, and why it is imperative for a holistic veganism to support these struggles for justice.

     Date: May 2020 | Source: The Vegan Rainbow Project | Category: Interview

  • Why More Moms Are Choosing Ethically-Sourced Food For Their Families
    Summary: The Food Empowerment Project describes just how unjust the food industry can be, for breaching the human rights of those producing it.

     Date: February 2020 | Source: moms Category: Article

  • “Big changes” coming at Food Empowerment Project
    Summary: The founder of non-profit Food Empowerment Project has announced a raft of changes for the group.

     Date: January 2020 | Source: VGN Category: Article

  • Despite wage disparities, local grocers can improve rural food access
    Summary: As a highly agricultural area with rural food deserts (defined by the United States Department of Agriculture as areas with few access points to food), Butte County continues to struggle to address access to affordable food for all communities.

     Date: January 2020 | Source: Oroville Mecury-Register Category: Article

  • As plant-based eating continues to take off, Mexican cuisine returns to its vegan roots
    Summary: As we know it in the U.S., Mexican food typically involves lots of meat and cheese—enchiladas stuffed with beef, chicken tinga tacos, nachos topped with sour cream and cheese. Delicious? Absolutely. But not necessarily the first type of cuisine many would think of when considering a plant-based diet.  But according to vegan food activist and Food Empowerment Project founder Lauren Ornelas, Mexican food was traditionally entirely plant-based.

    Date: November 2019 | Source: Well and Good Category: Article

  • Summary: For the first time in nine years, Syracuse Vegfest celebrated all things vegan with fresh produce, cooking demonstrations and activism. Featured speakers and food demos were held throughout the day near farm stands that offered fresh produce. One of those speakers was lauren Ornelas, the founder and executive director for Food Empowerment Project. Ornelas discussed food justice and the power of food choices. She highlighted the food justice work that her organization does and talked about how the issues are relevant to the Syracuse community.

    Date: October 2019 | Source: The Daily Orange | Category: Article

  • Summary: Going vegan doesn’t mean ditching your favorite comfort foods – and that goes for the Filipinx community, as well. Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) launched with more than a dozen recipes that celebrate the traditional food of the Southeast Asian islands now known as “The Philippines.” The site brings a rich cultural tradition to vegans, the vegan-curious, and Filipinx who don’t want to let go of their heritage while adopting an animal-free diet. The recipe collection was inspired by two Pinay members of F.E.P. in an effort to share the familiar flavors of their homeland while expanding our circle of compassion.

    Date: October 2019 | Source: Vegan Magazine | Category: Article

  • Summary: Beyond the sweet hit of gratification our bodies get when we consume chocolate, there are consequences to the world’s unrelenting obsession. In Ghana and the Ivory Coast, where 70 per cent of the world’s cocoa is produced, child labour, human trafficking and slavery are reported on farms that have become increasingly secretive about their manufacturing processes.

    Date: July 2019 | Source: The National | Category: Article

  • Food Empowerment Project 2019 School Supply Drive for Children of Farm Workers
    Summary: Food Empowerment Project is pleased to announce its 2019 School Supply Drive, benefiting the children of farm workers and assisting families trying to meet their basic needs. The drive runs from now until July 10. F.E.P. will distribute school supplies this summer to children of farm workers in the Watsonville/Salinas, Sonoma County, and the Central Valley.
    Date: June 2019 | Source: Sonoma County Gazette | Category: Article

  • The Fight Against Climate Change Needs to Address Environmental Racism
    Summary: MTV article on why we need to consider environmental racism while we fight against climate change.
    Date: April 2019 | Source: MTV | Category: Article