Our Impact

Since 2007, Food Empowerment Project has been working tirelessly to show people how our food choices are connected to the welfare of animals, humans, and the planet. Our work is focused on four core programs, and we are grateful to our supporters for helping us achieve so much.


Our annual Vallejo Healthy Food Fest, where we serve free vegan food all day, attracts hundreds of attendees each year: 1,655 people as of 2020 (most of them local to Vallejo).

Recipe websites: VeganMexicanFood.com and VeganFilipinoFood.com (with VeganLaoFood.com coming soon!).

Recipe booklets: Vegan Mexican Food (4,000 in English and 1,000 in Spanish) and Vegan Filipino Food (4,000 in English and 300 in Tagalog) … with Vegan Lao Food coming soon!

F.E.P. placed ads for our free Vegan Mexican Food recipe booklet in two Bay Area Spanish-language newspapers, La Prensa Sonoma (estimated 25,000 readers a month) and El Observador (estimated 100,000 readers per week), as well as the El Observador website (nearly 400,000 visitors a week).

Copies of Food Chain, our monthly newsletter for helping people go and stay vegan, delivered: 60,000.

Farm Workers

Backpacks distributed (as of 2020): 3,088.

Food delivered to farm workers: $12,785 worth.

An eight-year effort coordinated by F.E.P. resulted in success as California’s “50-mile regulation” was defeated. The regulation required farm workers to leave state-subsidized housing and move at least 50 miles away at the end of the harvest, depriving thousands of farm workers’ children from receiving consistent access to education.


Companies on chocolate list: 1,012 (as of December 2020).

Number of people who have downloaded the mobile Chocolate List app: 21,249 (as of December 2020).

Access to Healthy Foods

Two major community surveys and reports completed (Santa Clara County and Vallejo, California).

Those surveys were followed by focus groups in those two communities, the results of which were documented in two qualitative analysis reports determining what barriers people experienced and potential solutions. The results of Santa Clara County (pop: 1.928 million) survey were published in 2014; the Vallejo (pop: 121,913) results were published in 2018.

These reports are distributed to policymakers.

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