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Fight For The Ocean

Imagine a world without life beneath the waves.
Together, we can make sure that never happens.

In 2018, in honor of Dr. Sylvia Earle (an amazing oceanographer who’s been fighting for the ocean for over 50 years), Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) declared the day of her birthday, August 30th, as Fight for the Ocean Day. Our Fight for the Ocean effort (which we hope to grow into a full campaign) was created to help make a difference for our ocean and for those who call it home.

There are many ocean conservation organizations doing fantastic work for our ocean, but unfortunately, they are leaving a key component out of their work: the tremendous impact of eating sea creatures. And as vegans, we may feel we are doing our part by not consuming sea creatures, or any animals, but we also need to do more. We cannot be passive. We must fight for every living creature in the ocean—for their lives.

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We are calling on people worldwide to:

Do an ocean clean-up on August 30th!

If you live near a seashore, grab a bucket with some friends and spend a few hours cleaning up to help the ocean for the benefit of all who live there!

Don’t live near the ocean? No problem! Organize a clean-up at one of your local lakes, streams, or rivers!

Washington FFTO Clean Up
FFTO Ocean Beach Cleanup

Don’t eat animalsit hurts the ocean!

We at F.E.P. know how heartbreaking it is to see images of sea turtles, seals, birds, and other animals caught in nets. The continued demand for eating sea creatures is why fishing equipment exists to begin with, so by eating animals from the sea, we are indirectly responsible for the cruelty inflicted upon those sea turtles, seals, birds, and more. The ocean and animals who call it home suffer tremendously, and we MUST do our part to stop the suffering we inflict on them. Ultimately, demand generates exploitation, and by choosing to go vegan, we can help end the cycle of exploitation, suffering, and destruction.

hammerhead underwater
sad lobsters

Seven Ways to Celebrate and Save Ocean Life

Ready to help #Fight4TheOcean but want to keep yourself and everyone else safe during COVID19? Check out our list of seven things you can do to Fight for the Ocean while sheltering in place!

Like our list? Get others to join you in doing these seven things.

Are you ready to #Fight4TheOcean?


Take action on social media with hashtag #Fight4TheOcean.

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