We are delighted to announce the start of our 2019 School Supply Drive for the children of farm workers.

Farm worker rights is one of the four main focuses of our vegan food justice work. Our advocacy includes activism to change the laws and policies that allow the injustices farm workers face on a daily basis. While we fight the policy fights, we also want to show up for farm workers and their families so they are not alone in trying to meet their basic needs.

This is an expression of gratitude and solidarity, not charity.

What you can do:

Ship school supplies: Ship supplies directly to the F.E.P. office from now through Friday, July 19th.

Volunteer to pack backpacks: Packing for the school supply drive will occur Saturday, July 13th, and Saturday, July 20th in our Petaluma, CA, office. Contact us if you’d like to sign up to volunteer.

Keep up with F.E.P. Supplies List to see how many items we still need to ensure children of farm workers get a great start to their school year.