School Supply Drive 2021
For children of farm workers

We did it! With your help!


We are so incredibly grateful and proud to have had your support to allow us to get 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies and reusable water bottles to the children of farm workers.

We are thankful for all of you who, donated, shared with others and made sure that we honor and give back just a little bit to those who put foods on our plates and speak out against the injustices that take place against them.

Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) is preparing for our annual school supply drive for the children of farm workers!

Farm workers who pick our food are victims of an unjust system that prioritizes corporations over workers, profit over people, and greed over families. These workers strive to get by on very little income, and parents and grandparents often cannot afford to buy their children and grandchildren the school supplies they need. These parents sacrifice so much for their children to have a better life, knowing an education is one avenue to achieve this. Our ability to get school supplies in their children’s hands means that they have the potential for a better future.

F.E.P. does not see this as an act of charity but as a way to help right an injustice that is taking place against farm workers, which also gives us the ability to thank them for feeding all of us

While F.E.P. works in other ways to challenge this system, we want to do our best to give farm workers the support they deserve.

We need to be there for the farm workers and give back to those who put food on our plates.

Just like last year, we are adapting our school supply drive to the realities of a world under COVID-19. Please keep reading for more details.

This year the school supplies will be collected for the children of Indigenous farm workers in Sonoma, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties through Movimiento Cultural de la Unión Indígena and for various farm worker families throughout the Central Valley through Lizbeth Valdez and Joanna Lemus. 

Again, like last year, we will be ordering pre-packaged kits that include the school supplies that can easily be inserted all at once into brand-new backpacks to prevent the spread of COVID.

Also, there are additional items we will need to purchase because of the pandemic. To limit the spread of COVID, water fountains in schools are not working, so we will be getting water bottles for the children to be able to bring water to school with them. In addition, we hope to raise enough funds to get the children earphones for computers and masks to protect them from COVID.

We need your help to meet our goal of 1,000 backpacks and other supplies listed above (see details on where to ship them below). You can order backpacks and have them sent directly to us OR donate to us so we can order them.

Filled backpacks!
Thank you so much for helping to make a difference to create a better future!