Dear Friends of Food Empowerment Project,

Thank you so much for your continuing support of Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.)! With your help, we are making real changes for humans, animals, and the environment.

You get us. You understand why it is crucial to talk about the human, animal, and environmental aspects of food justice as connected issues. Like us, you aspire to live in a more just, compassionate, and fair world for animals and humans alike.

Help us make that world a reality by donating to F.E.P. today!

Here are some of the successes YOU have already helped us accomplish:


  • Our free chocolate list mobile app has been downloaded by 1,150 iPhone users in the last year. We update this list on a monthly basis.
  • F.E.P. founder and executive director lauren Ornelas has given dozens of public lectures, spreading F.E.P.’s message all over the United
    States. Her TEDx talk, “The Power of Our Food Choices,” has been viewed more than 4,000 times!


  • More and more vegan grocery stores are displaying our chocolate tags, alerting their shoppers to which chocolates we recommend that are
    both vegan and made without the worst forms of child labor.

Local Focus: Vallejo, California

  • Our pilot program surveying more than 100 locations to assess the availability of healthy foods in the city of Vallejo received coverage in the local paper.

Your support makes all of this meaningful work possible!

Our Dream List

We are hoping you can help make some of our dreams for the coming months a reality with a donation to support our work. These funds would help sustain programs
such as:

  • Our focus group report in San José – We need money to translate it into Spanish and for printing, so we can send the report to policy
    makers and local organizations. We estimate the translation costs alone are around $600.
  • Data entry for our Vallejo project – In order to generate a report on lack of access to healthy food in Vallejo, we need to get the data we
    collected entered into a database.
  • Our ultimate dream – Becoming a fully staffed organization! Did you know that all of our work is accomplished entirely by volunteers?
    Imagine what we could accomplish if we were fully staffed. Seriously. Imagine it.

Your tax-deductible donations and pledges can indeed make a world of difference for so
many lives!

Thank you for all you do to support our work!

In solidarity,

The Food Empowerment Project Team

P.S. If it’s easier for you, consider donating $10 a month to F.E.P. This link on our website allows you to contribute monthly, which is a simple way to make F.E.P. stronger than ever!