1. Year end wrap up!

As the year winds down we wanted to let you know that this was by far our busiest and most productive year ever! We know that with each new year our all volunteer organization will continue to grow and make progress, and we truly thank you for your support, past and present.

Your belief in our efforts to connect a variety of issues to improve the lives of the most vulnerable (the animals, the planet, the workers and the communities working with few resources) has helped us to see that F.E.P. is very much needed and the time is now for us all to start making these connections.

Access to healthy foods in low-income communities

This year we began our first effort to work on the importance of access to healthy foods in low-income communities. Using over a dozen volunteers in Santa Clara County, CA we surveyed over 120 grocery stores, liquor stores and convenience stores regarding access to fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, as well as vegan options. Volunteers entered the data and currently the numbers are being crunched by our pro bono social marketing researcher. Early next year we will be releasing a report on our findings as well as our recommendations. Our goal is to speak to community members who are most affected and then work with them to change this injustice.

Spreading and helping the vegan message to stick!

We’ve made a great start with the completion of the first three issues of Food Chain—linking the issues to help you go and stay Veg. Again, using all volunteers we are working to create 12 unique newsletters for those who have just gone or are interested in going veg. Our goal is to complete these issues before the end of next year and with enough funds, get subscribers so we can share the relevant and important information contained in these newsletters.

Other efforts

We spoke at a number of conferences this year about the importance of connecting the issues, lent our voice and supported efforts of other organizations, including the United Farm Workers, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee and Worksafe, and we also provided comments to California OSHA regarding the heat standards for farm workers.

We need your support to ensure that our programs continue to grow in the coming years.

2. Vegan Bake Sale to Benefit Food Empowerment Project (and the bunnies!)

Thanks to some incredibly generous activists (and great bakers!) a benefit is being held in San Francisco to raise money for our important work as well as the work of Save a Bunny!

When: Saturday, December 5th from 11am – 4pm
Where: Ike’s Place (3506 16th St.), San Francisco

F.E.P. is in desperate need for donations to get some of our programs up and running and every penny from this benefit will go a long way!

The sponsors of this event consistently work to raise funds for groups in the area and we are so very lucky to benefit from their talents and compassion!

Add us on Facebook, and RSVP!

3. Resistance! Magazine

For those of you who haven’t heard of Resistance Magazine, now is your chance to pick up a copy as it is currently being distributed in stores across the country. But don’t fear, if you can’t find it, you can still subscribe.

“Resistance Magazine was created as a vehicle to inform, inspire, and energize the earth liberation movement. Humans have pushed the earth to the brink of catastrophe and each day that passes brings us one step closer to a planet that can no longer sustain life.”
Resistance Magazine is published quarterly: summer, fall, winter and spring.

Be sure to check out Food Empowerment Project’s ad on page 38!

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