Friends of food justice,

We are sending out two alerts this month as we just have a lot to say!

Food Empowerment Project has created a handy guide to assist you with food donations this holiday season.

As you expect from us, we wanted to help those of you who believe donating food is something more than a symbolic gesture of goodwill, since many of you want to make sure your donation helps those most in need and, at the same time, stays within your values – our values.

Donating food takes thought.

I also want to take the time to thank everyone – not by name (that would be impossible), but to thank every one of you who shares with others the work that we do, encourages family and friends to use our chocolate listsigned and shared our petition to Clif Barpromotes veganism, made a call or sent an email on behalf of the rights of farm workers, who likes us on Facebook and shares our posts, follows us on Twitter and re-tweets our work, to those of you who write for us, research for us, table for us, raise funds for us and help us with other volunteer work, and those of you who have asked me to speak at events and promote the important issues we address and of course our wonderful board and advisory board.

And thank you to our donors who are allowing us to turn our ideas into action.

Thank you to everyone who sees that eating is a responsibility and that with that responsibility comes the need to make sure we are doing our best not to exploit or oppress human or non-human animals.

You are helping Food Empowerment Project — an all-volunteer organization — grow and make a difference.

So thank you for that.

THAT is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about. If anyone tries to make it be about food, remind them that turkeys are not food, and help them understand who they really are:

In solidarity,

lauren Ornelas
Founder/Executive Director

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