Dear Friends of F.E.P.,

I am truly excited to share Food Empowerment Project’s newest endeavor, which has been in the making for several months. This has been an idea of mine for years, so I am thrilled that I can actually share a “sneak peek” with you on what we have created so far!

As you know, Food Empowerment Project’s aim is to tie in a variety of issues to empower people to make changes in their eating habits, which ultimately help make positive changes in the world. We know that many groups are doing great outreach to help people go vegan, but we have concerns about why more people aren’t staying vegan.

The goal of Food Chain, our newest endeavor, is to help people who have just gone veg or are interested in going veg to stay veg by providing them with a monthly newsletter to give them the information they need to stick with it!

Food Chain Cover

But we need your help to make this vision happen!

Please read why we started Food Chain and check out the first three issues!

We are in the process of creating twelve colorful newsletters which address a multitude of issues and provide information and suggestions about the following topics: animals in factory farms, animal rescue stories (with contributions from animal sanctuaries around the U.S.), environmental and human impacts of animal consumption, recipes, nutrition questions and answers, support questions, and suggestions for vegan foods and helpful websites. The newsletters will also occasionally address other ethical food issues, including the treatment of farm workers and those who work in the chocolate industry. It is important to note that all of the writing and photos for these issues have been done by volunteers.

Yes, we need your help!

Food Chain has already received two small grants for this project from A Well-Fed World’s Food for Thought and the other from an anonymous foundation that does not typically give money to farmed animal issues. We are basically an all volunteer non-profit organization and we need a total of $14,000 in order to get the issues designed and printed. We are using the talented crew at Raven & Crow Studio (who designed our logo), and continuing with the mission of our organization we are working with a union and environmentally friendly printer. A donation of $550 pays to get one issue designed—any donation, small or large, will keep us moving toward our goal of printing all twelve issues of Food Chain.

We encourage you to take a “sneak peek” at the first three issues of Food Chain and thank you for your support for all of our work. Help us help others to go and stay veg!

In solidarity,

lauren Ornelas
Founder/Executive Director
Food Empowerment Project
P.O. Box 7071
San José, CA 95150

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