1. Action Item – Ask EPA to Reverse Methyl Iodide Approval

On October 5th, the EPA approved the use of a new toxic pesticide (methyl iodide) by fruit and vegetable farmers, after more than fifty prominent scientists objected that the chemical was too dangerous. So dangerous that a Sacramento Bee editorial reported that “… chemists who handle tiny amounts of it in laboratory settings must first don protective hoods and double gloves and use specially sealed bottles and syringes to ensure none of the chemical escapes…,” yet the EPA insists that farm workers can protect themselves adequately with respirators.

As many of you know, farm workers already have a difficult time getting basic rights afforded to them.

Please email Mary-Ann Warmerdam, Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation, and ask her to protect the public and the environment by not allowing this pesticide to be used.

Go to the United Farm Workers website:


2. Celebrate the Third Annual World GO VEGAN DAYS – October 26th to 28th

As part of the Food Empowerment Project’s mission, we believe that justice for animals, workers and the environment are critical. That is why we have joined to support Go Vegan Days. We see pigs, chickens, cows, fish, and all of the other animals that people choose to eat as feeling beings who deserve our protection. The best way to protect them is to not eat them.

The aim of GO VEGAN days is to promote education and action regarding the vegan lifestyle as a compassionate, sustainable, and healthy way of eating and living.

Learning more about industrial animal factories, how the animals are treated, and how the environment is impacted will enable you to be an even better advocate for animals. Be sure to order some materials to help you inform others about these important issues!

3. Food Empowerment Project at Central Florida Veg Fest 2007

This year’s Central Florida Veg Fest in Orlando is taking place on Saturday, October 27. This free event will feature many educational exhibits and a great lineup of speakers that includes: Food Empowerment Project’s lauren Ornelas, Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary, and Paul Shapiro of HSUS.

Food Empowerment Project will have our free magnets and sign up sheets available at the Farm Sanctuary table, so make sure to stop by.

Get there early to hear lauren Ornelas speak at 1:00 PM!

For more information on the event and program, please visit: http://cfvegfest.org

Note to Subscribers: Keep in mind that that the Food Empowerment Project is managed entirely by volunteers. There are many things we want to accomplish, and we ask for your patience as we get our plans off the ground.

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