1. New sections added to website! 

Here in the U.S. we are not innocent when it comes to reaping the benefits of food derived from the use of slave labor, and two new sections of our website explore this issue.

Slavery in the United States: 
Food grown abroad and right here in the U.S. is often tainted with the remnants of a tragedy that has yet to be left in the past. The animal agricultural industry is just as culpable.

In the U.S., the treatment of farm workers goes beyond what has been covered in the previous section of our website, where workers are paid less than minimum wage, exposed to agricultural chemicals, and face threats and harassment. There are some workers, who by our standards are treated as slaves – unable to leave, have their passports withheld, and are left waiting for their employers to bring them food and water.

Visit https://foodispower.org/slavery-in-the-us/ for more information!

Importing Slavery: 
Other parts of the world are no better. Slave labor has become thoroughly entrenched in the production of certain commodity crops grow.

Read more about how we import products of slavery into the U.S.

Although some of these issues do not have easy solutions, it is important to be informed so that when opportunities to make a difference arise, we can take action.

2. The chocolate we can all do without this Halloween and every day 

We know that if you are on this email list, you are interested in doing what you can to use your food choices to make a positive impact and learn how you can lessen your participation in some of the suffering in this world.

We are extremely thankful that so many of you have taken our message about the chocolate industry with you to the cash register.

Although we have been speaking out about slavery in the chocolate industry for some time now, we have just completed this section with our research, which is now on our website:

Also, read our blog, “The chocolate we can all do without,” to learn more about our perspective on this issue:

3. F.E.P. at El Paso Thanksgiving Dinner – November 13th 

F.E.P. founder and director lauren Ornelas will be the guest speaker at the Vegetarian Society of El Paso’s Compassionate Thanksgiving Dinner being celebrated in El Paso on November 13. lauren was born and raised in Texas, and she started the first high school animal rights club in San Antonio, so she will certainly enjoy being back in Texas to share a delicious vegan meal while spreading the word about Food Empowerment Project’s work. If you live near El Paso, please plan on attending, and make sure to check the Vegetarian Society of El Paso’s website for reservation information!

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