1. F.E.P. is Officially Tax-Exempt

We are very excited to announce that the Food Empowerment Project has been granted both state and federal tax exempt status – we are now a 501(c)3. This means that all donations to F.E.P. are tax-exempt!

To donate, please send a check or cash to:

      Food Empowerment Project


      P.O. Box 7071


    San José, CA 95150-7071

Thank you to our supporters!

2. World Go Vegan Days – October 25 – October 31st

World GO VEGAN Days celebrates what it means to be vegan. During World GO VEGAN Days, we encourage people to become conscious of what – and who – they are eating. It’s important for people to understand the effects that their food choices have on the world and to realize that non-violent and healthy food alternatives do exist.

Please join the Food Empowerment Project and others as we spread the word!

For more information, go to:

For tasty vegan Mexican recipes and for those celebrating Día De Los Muertos, please visit:

3. Sign the Do Not Mail Registry

The Food Empowerment Project is supporting the ForestEthics Campaign to establish a national Do Not Mail Registry that would allow individuals to opt out of junk mail.

Currently, 100 million trees are cut down each year for junk mail production, nearly half of which goes to the landfill unopened. Production and distribution of junk mail also have a significant impact on climate change by producing annual emissions equivalent to that of 9 million cars.

Individuals can sign the petition calling for the Registry at www.donotmail.org.

And for other ways to help stop climate change, please item see #2 above.

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