1. Food Empowerment Project Seeks Volunteer Grant Writer

Food Empowerment Project is seeking a volunteer grant writer to research and draft grant proposals. As an all volunteer organization, we get a lot of information about grant opportunities, but there’s just no one with experience to help out!

Interested volunteers should contact us at info@www.foodispower.org.

Volunteers should have experience in writing grants and in the nonprofit grant circuit. Thank you in advance for your help and supporting our mission.

2. Go Vegan Week

Food Empowerment Project is joining with In Defense of Animals and other organizations to celebrate World GO VEGAN week October 25 through 31. Celebrate by educating your community about the compassion you share for the Earth, the animals and the environment!

For more information and ideas on hosting an event please visit: www.worldgoveganweek.com.

3. Chipotle Victory for Farm Workers!

Last July, we brought your attention to the plight of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) which was seeking to implement a penny-per-pound wage increase, transparency policies, and a code of conduct that prevents slavery. A few weeks ago, Chipotle responded to the petitions from various organizations and individuals. Florida’s largest tomato growers, East Coast Growers and Packers, have agreed to work with Chipotle and CIW to ensure that farmers are paid for their work! This is a huge victory, and we thank you for supporting them!

For more information on this victory, visit: http://tinyurl.com/yb7xvp5

4. Color me Beautiful

Food Empowerment Project recently learned about a wonderful business called Valana Minerals! They use the most pure, naturally luxurious ingredients available in formulating their products.

Along with colors and collections designed for people with various shades of tan and brown skin, the Valana Minerals line is all natural and vegan. Valana Minerals is one of the few companies to offer vegan lip colors in a deep rich color palate, and they also have a cosmetic brush line with amazingly soft synthetic bristles.



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