1. F.E.P. founder to speak at the University of Washington in Seattle
2. In case you missed it!
3. Thanks, Patti!
4. Be sweet this Valentine’s Day and every day!

1. F.E.P. founder to speak at the University of Washington in Seattle

F.E.P. founder lauren Ornelas will be talking about interlocking oppressions in the food system as she shares her lifelong work to end exploitative food production practices.

When: February 7, 2014, at 4:30 p.m.
Where: Thomson 101

Thanks to the co-sponsors of the event: The Departments of Anthropology, Geography, American Ethnic Studies, and Comparative History of Ideas, and the
Diversity Research Institute.

2. In case you missed it!

Latest posts on Appetite for Justice:

Review of Mark Hawthorne’s new book, Bleating Hearts, which will touch your heart and leave you a stronger advocate for animals. This touching book covers many issues, from the familiar issue of animals raised and killed for food to
less frequently addressed topics such a dental work performed on orcas in captivity without painkillers and elephants used in the logging industry.Food Empowerment Project lost a powerful ally in our fight—his wisdom and talents helped to shape our work and give a face to our campaigns. Read about all of Robin Romano’s impact on F.E.P.’s work.

Also, thanks to Vegworld Magazine for including the transcript of lauren’s TEDx talk in their December issue.

Thanks to the folks at FUSE for creating one of their buttons for our Facebook page, so people can understand why we exist. Check it out!

3. Thanks, Patti!

donate-alertF.E.P. supporter Patti Breitman asked friends and family to donate to F.E.P. and others for her birthday! We really appreciate this act of kindness and generosity.

It’s selfless acts like these that help F.E.P. grow.

4. Be sweet this Valentine’s day and every day!

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or just enjoying some of the sweets, please only support companies that make vegan chocolate that do not have ties to the worst forms of child labor, including slavery. Check out our list.

And if you are looking for some wine, check our list for that, too.

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