1. Huffington Post blog on Clif Bar 
2. Sonoma County Chicken Save 
3. Upcoming talks 
4. Are you a Vegana? 
5. Thanks, another way to help F.E.P., and some miscellany 

1. Huffington Post blog on Clif Bar 

We were delighted to see Mikko Alane’s Huffington Post blog highlighting the role of child slavery in the chocolate industry.

Alane cites our website on this crucial issue and draws readers’ attention to our petition asking Clif Bar to reveal the source of their chocolate.

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to add your name to the 73,000+ petition-signers demanding the power to make informed consumer choices. 

2. Sonoma County Chicken Save 

As part of the international Save Movement, F.E.P. is coordinating the Sonoma County Chicken Save project.

Our goal is to draw the public’s attention to the suffering going on behind the walls of Petaluma Poultry’s slaughterhouse in Sonoma County.

Learn more about how you can participate in Sonoma County Chicken Save andcheck out our Facebook page to keep up to date on vigils and other events (you do not have to be on Facebook to view).

Mark your calendar for an event on World Farmed Animals Day, October 2nd.

3. Upcoming talks 

More chances to say hello!

lauren Ornelas will be speaking at the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma’s conference (PDF) in San Diego, CA (Sept. 7-10).

California Animal Law SymposiumAlso in September, if you live in the Bay Area, please join F.E.P. on Saturday, September 13th, at the California Animal Law Symposium and hear lauren speak.

4. Are you a Vegana? 

Lantern Books is looking for contributors to an anthology on the experience of being both Latina and vegan.

Contributors are asked to write a personal reflection on the connections (and conflicts) between their veganism and their culture. No academic-y footnotes, references, and whatnot needed here! Lantern is simply looking for thoughtful reflections on the intersections of Latina and vegan identities.

A percentage of the sales will benefit Food Empowerment Project.

5. Thanks, another way to help F.E.P., and some miscellany 

First, a big thank you to Food Fight! Grocery for donating 10% of their proceeds on July 31st to F.E.P. Thanks to everyone who shopped and the generosity of Food Fight!, we received $350!

Students Katrina Melnyk, Katy Scott, and Megan Doerksen raised $600 for F.E.P.!

As part of their social studies class’ “End Child Slavery” project, Katrina, Katy, and Megan organized their own (very successful!) fundraising effort.

We are inspired by their hard work and thoughtfulness on behalf of other children throughout the world.

Thanks so much, Katrina, Katy, and Megan!

In case you missed it, have a look at lauren’s recent Appetite for Justice blog post, “What more do they have to do?

In the midst of numerous public interest stories about the complex emotional and moral lives of our fellow animals, lauren asks what more animals have to do before humans take their interests and fears seriously.

If you shop at Amazon, please select Food Empowerment Project as your organization of choice for the AmazonSmile Program.

By designating F.E.P. as the beneficiary, AmazonSmile will send 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases directly to us.

Just sign-in to your Amazon account using our AmazonSmile page and shop as usual! It’s an easy way to help make a difference for F.E.P.

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