1. Vote for us in VegNews Poll and Check the List of Top-Rated Social Justice Nonprofits! 

We are honored that VegNews has nominated us for “Favorite Nonprofit Vegan Organization” in their poll. Please vote for us before August 31st:

Thanks to our volunteers and supporters, we have been listed as #12 in the GreatNonprofits,GuideStar and Charity Navigator 2011 Top-Rated Social Justice Nonprofits List. They identified 29 top nonprofits working on social justice and human rights around the world. Check it out:


2. Updates to chocolate list criteria

The issue of slavery in the chocolate industry is very complicated, and we want to keep our list as reliable as possible.

All of our materials will now reflect that we only feel comfortable recommending companies that do NOT use cacoa (cocoa) beans coming from farms located in Ghana or the Ivory Coast.

Please see our updated chocolate list, and, for our Kiwi friends, there are some New Zealand companies listed as well, but everyone should feel free to send us more to look into!


3. Animal Rights Conferences 

Last month, F.E.P. founder lauren Ornelas travelled to New Zealand, where she gave several presentations. First, on July 18, lauren was in Wellington as the guest of the Wellington Animal Rights Network (they’re so busy engaged in grassroots activism that their website isn’t up to date, though you will find a link to a radio interview lauren did while there – just click on the July 23rd link under “listen to animal rights and wrongs radio”). The following Friday, Saturday and Sunday, lauren spoke at New Zealand’s national animal rights conference, where she discussed the work of Food Empowerment Project and animal activism. Her talks inspired much discussion at the sold-out event and helped attendees see how our food choices impact not only farmed animals and the environment, but produce workers, human slavery, people’s access to healthy foods and other social justice issues.

Unfortunately, lauren’s presentations Down Under took her away from AR2011 – the first time she’s missed the conference in ten years. The good news is our table was staffed by F.E.P. board member Valerie Belt, along with advisory board member Jennifer Knapp and Kat Connors. 

We were thrilled to meet so many of you in Los Angeles and New Zealand, and we look forward to working with you to make our food supply more just and compassionate!

A BIG thank you to everyone who donated, making it possible to print more of our brochures!

4. Take Action/Upcoming events

Californians please contact your state Senators and ask them to vote YES on AB 376 without ANY amendments.

To learn more: https://foodispower.org/take-action/

In October, lauren will be speaking virtually at Earthsave Canada’s Taste of Health Fair. You’ll also find her at VegFest in San Francisco, where Food Empowerment Project will have a table.

More details to come in our next alert!

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