1. Countdown to AR2008

From August 14th – 18th, Food Empowerment Project will be in Washington D.C. at the AR2008 conference. AR2008 brings over 90 speakers and several dozen exhibitors together in what is the largest conference of its kind. Food Empowerment Project’s lauren Ornelas will be speaking along with others including Debra Erenberg, Pattrice Jones, Will Potter and Matt Rossell

For more info on AR2008, please visit: http://www.arconference.org

2. Zoe Weil’s Children’s Book: Claude and Medea

While at AR2008 make sure to stop by the Institute for Humane Education (IHE) table to pick up Zoe Weil’s book, Claude and Medea.

A little about Claude and Medea:

When 12-year-olds Claude and Medea learn about some of the terrible problems in the world from an eccentric substitute teacher, they set out to right some wrongs. In Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs, the first in a children’s series by Zoe Weil about 7th grade clandestine activists, they solve a rash of Manhattan dog thefts and rescue the dogs from an evil researcher. A true page-turner, 8-12 year olds love this book!

This is an important book for anyone who cares about a variety of social justice issues.

For more information please visit:


3. Fourth Farm Worker Dies of Heat Stroke: Contact Governer Schwarzenegger

While the Governor of California has acted quickly to the recent wave of California fires, he has failed to respond to the heat wave California agricultural workers have been facing all summer. Mr. Ramiro Carrillo Rodriguez is the fourth farm worker to die this year from heat stroke. A father of two, his death follows that of Abdon Felix Garcia, Jose Macarena Hernandez, and 17 year-old Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez.

Food Empowerment Project has joined the UFW in their efforts to address these conditions. We ask you to take action and write to Gov. Schwarzenegger. You can do so by visiting: