Happy Summer! It was great to meet many of you at Let Live in Portland and AR2010 in Washington, DC!

1. Read the newest section added to our website + blog

We are excited to have completed the Workers section on our website, which addresses the working conditions of produce workersfactory farm workers and slaughterhouse workers.

Being an organization that promotes a vegan diet, Food Empowerment Project believes that we need to advocate on behalf of those who pick our food. Everyone needs to know about the plight of these workers.

We also included information about workers in factory farms and slaughterhouses since the treatment of all workers in agriculture needs to be exposed.

Read more on our blog at Appetite for Justice:


Other sections of the website have not yet been completed, but we are working to get those up soon! We will keep you posted!

2. Urge California’s Governor to sign law for farm workers!

Currently, farm workers in California are not paid overtime. We have the ability to help right this injustice.

Since July 20th, a bill that would set wage and hour requirements for farm workers and require their employers to pay overtime has been sitting on the desk of the California Governor waiting for his signature (SB 1121 – authored by Senator Dean Florez).

Please contact the Governor and urge him to sign SB 1121 to ensure that farm workers in California are paid overtime.

Often around the time of the Cesar Chavez holiday, people discuss how Cesar Chavez was a vegan, which is true and shows just how far his compassion extended. Cesar worked very hard to improve wages and conditions for farm workers, so we encourage everyone to take the time to contact the governor on behalf of Cesar’s lifetime dedication.

Yes, even if you live outside of California, do call as California produce is distributed throughout the country.

Call the Governor at 916.445.2841 and ask him to please sign SB 1121.

3. Follow us!

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shame on albertsons


Please sign and share the petition to Safeway/Albertsons’ CEO Vivek Sankaran right now and tell him that all neighborhoods need access to fresh food!

Please sign our friends, at Birchwood Food Desert Fighters, petition to Albertsons, asking them to remove ALL grocery noncompete clauses affecting the Park Manor Shopping Center.

Call Safeway to complain:
(1-877-723-3929). *

Call Albertsons to complain:

Call Safeway to complain:
(1-877-723-3929). *

Call Albertsons to complain:

* Suggested language and details: Please make a polite phone call and keep in mind the person you are speaking to probably has no idea about this policy—most people don’t. You just need to stay on the line for a customer service representative. For Safeway, they will ask you for your full name and phone number and if you have a Safeway card number.
Suggested language: “I am calling to log a comment against a Safeway / Albertsons policy that sometimes puts restrictive deeds on its former properties and prevents other grocery stores from moving in, sometimes for 10 years or more. This has impacted community health. I would like Safeway / Albertsons to end this policy immediately.”

If they ask questions you cannot answer, feel free to provide our email: info@foodispower.org and remind them you are calling because you disagree with this practice.

Order some of our leaflets to share with others by emailing info(at)foodispower.org.


Join us by taking a stand in front of your local Safeway / Albertsons! Find a demo to attend here.

Want to organize your own demo? We can send you leaflets and posters. Contact us here for additional details.

Take action on social media with hashtag #ShameOnSafeway & #ShameOnAlbertsons and tagging Safeway & Albertsons.

Thank you for wanting to take a stand against a corporation that is impacting the health of Black and Brown communities and low-income neighborhoods.

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