1. Help us spread the message! 

We need to print more of our brochure.

The response to our new brochure and the issues we cover has been overwhelming – so much so that we need to print more! It is only the middle of the year, but with all of the outreach we have been doing, this literature is in high demand.

Our little booklet has opened so many minds. We’ve been told it’s a great design with powerful words that get to the heart of the issues, making it easy to understand their importance. The Ten Things You Can Do, found on the last page, have proven to be goals for many.

Please help us raise an additional $1,000 to print more brochures by clicking on this link:


2. Making it easier to donate your recipes + updates!
  • Thanks to Lana in Brooklyn, we now have an easier way for you to donate your recipes to our F.E.P. website and our Vegan Mexican Food website!
  • lauren Ornelas’ essay “An Appetite for Justice” is included in the new book Sister Species: Women, Animals And Social Justice (Edited by Lisa Kemmerer other authors include: Carol Adams, Karen Davis, Breeze Harper ,Sangu Iyer, pattrice jones, Allison Lance & Ingrid Newkirk).Check out the publisher summary here.
  • New sections on our website:
    Food Deserts: https://foodispower.org/food-deserts/
    Dietary Diseases: https://foodispower.org/dietary-diseases/
  • Read parts 1 and 2 of lauren Ornelas’ 3-part blog series about a reality tour with farm workers:Several months ago I was contacted by an amazing high school student in Gilroy, Calif.In addition to her desire to volunteer with us, she also wanted to connect us with the Center for Farmworker Families. One of their projects is to conduct Farm Worker Reality Tours…
  • Check out the F.E.P.’s updated chocolate list!


3. Upcoming conferences! 

Auckland, New Zealand – July 22-24

F.E.P. founder lauren Ornelas was invited to give talks at New Zealand’s 2011 National Animal Rights Conference, the country’s largest gathering of animal rights advocates and supporters. lauren will be discussing the power of grassroots activism, campaign strategies for success, and the launching of Food Empowerment Project. This will be lauren’s second international event this year!

Animal Rights 2011 – July 21-25

Visit our table at AR2011 – check out our new t-shirts and brochure. Also, if you’re interested in hearing more talks about the social justice issues that F.E.P. works on, be sure to provide your feedback at the conference.

For more information, go to: http://www.ar2011.org/

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