1. What is Food Empowerment Project Doing?

Food Empowerment Project has just recently submitted our paperwork for our non-profit status, both federally and in the State of California. Thanks to Tracey DeMartini, Jennifer Knapp and Joyce Tischler for their assistance! As an all-volunteer organization, this is an important first step for securing our future.

We have also been in discussions with agencies in Santa Clara County (and San José) regarding access to healthy foods in low-income areas and other issues aligned with our mission. If you live in Santa Clara County and would be interested in joining us to do surveys in grocery stores, please get in touch!

2. Upcoming Conferences

We are very excited to be represented at a number of conferences this summer, to speak out on the abuse of animals in factory farms and connect this important issue with the need to understand how our food choices can change the world!

Let Live and AR2008 Conferences

Let Live FlyerDon’t forget that this weekend is the Let Live Animal Rights Conference in Portland, OR. The Northwest conference is an all-level activist grassroots forum that will provide skills and strategies to everyone wanting to advocate for animals. Speakers include Food Empowerment Project’s founder lauren Ornelas, Che Green, Andrea Lindsay & Peter Young. Stop by our table and pick up one of our produce bags!

The conference takes place at Portland State University from June 27th – 29th.

For more information please visit: http://www.letliveconference.org

Food Empowerment Project will also be at the oldest animal rights conference taking place in Washington D.C., from August 14th – 18th. AR2008 brings over 90 speakers and several dozen exhibitors in what is also the largest conference of its kind. Food Empowerment Project’s lauren Ornelas will be speaking along with others including Debra Erenberg, Pattrice Jones, Will Potter and Matt Rossell.

Visit our table that we’ll be sharing with Animal Place.

Register early and save by visiting: http://www.arconference.org

3. Action Alert: Contact Trader Joe’s re: Farm Worker’s Death

Trader Joe’s two-dollar wine has been linked to the tragic death of a 17-year-old vineyard worker. Working for 8 hours straight in the scorching heat without shade or water, Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez suffered a heat stroke while she was working under a labor contractor for Bronco Winery, best known for their Charles Shaw wines.

Food Empowerment Projects joins with the United Farm Workers to urge you to contact Trader Joes and demand that they implement a policy that ensures suppliers provide workers with cold water, clean bathrooms and shaded areas.

Your voice can make a difference! Back in 2001, the animal rights organization, Viva!USA campaigned against Trader Joe’s for carrying factory-farmed duck meat. After several months of grassroots organizing and actions by volunteers, Trader Joes cleaned the shelves of all duck meat products.

Now is the time for action. Please contact Trader Joe’s by sending a letter through the UFW’s website: http://www.ufwaction.org/campaign/2buckchuck

Again, we can use our food choices to change the world and fight oppression!