1. Sign and forward our petition to get Clif to raise the bar on child slavery! 

Thanks to everyone who has written and reached out to Clif Bar regarding their lack of transparency on where their chocolate is sourced from. To learn more, go here:

To make things easier, we have created a petition on Change.org! Please sign and share far and wide. Other than those who profit from it, who really supports child slavery?

Please help us to get as many signatures as possible and get Clif to take a stand on this important issue. 

2. New Ethical Food Choices section on our website 

We are absolutely thrilled to have the newest section (and final section) of our website up! We created this as a guide to help people with their food choices in a more specific way.

You’ll find information about a few companies to stay away from, such as Coca Cola, Nestlé, and Monsanto, and you’ll also have a better understanding about why the use of palm oil is so controversial.


3. Vegan Mexican Food cooking videos 

We have been VERY fortunate to have vegan chefs make cooking look easy!

Check ‘em out:

The Vegan Zombie making a variation of our vegan tamales:

The Macro Life makes our vegan “Swiss” enchiladas:

Check out more recipes at http://www.veganmexicanfood.com and hey, make us a video of your own!

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