1. Look out for farm workers and comment against agricultural chemical

In October 2007, the Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) reported on the EPA’s approval of methyl iodide – an agricultural chemical which is known to be harmful.

This chemical is to be sprayed on strawberries by farm workers. The Department of Pesticide Regulation is accepting comments on this issue until June 29.

We are asking everyone to go to the link below to submit an original comment and NOT use the pre-generated one. (Please note that F.E.P. is not endorsing or supporting CREDO, only this action.)


Please re-write the following in the comment section:

The Department of Pesticide Regulation has recommended that methyl iodide be registered despite strong evidence of significant human and environmental exposure.

Farm workers will be exposed to and harmed by this dangerous agricultural chemical; we urge you to prohibit and withdraw the approval of methyl iodide.

If you want to include something on personal health – obviously, please do so. We just want to be sure that they clearly understand that we are looking out for the farm workers.

Thank you.

2. Upcoming Conferences: Let Live 2010 & AR 2010

Once again, Food Empowerment Project’s founder and Director, lauren Ornelas, will be speaking at two conferences this summer, and we’ll be tabling at both, so be sure to stop by!

Check out lauren’s acceptance of the Henry Spira Grassroots Activist Award at last year’s AR conference in Los Angeles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLWEy5Uzpc8&

F.E.P. will be at Let Live 2010, taking place June 25 – 27 in Portland, Oregon at Portland State University. This Animal Rights conference features an exciting lineup of 30+ speakers and will focus on creative activism and expanding your activist skills to build relationships in the movement and beyond.

F.E.P. will also be at Animal Rights 2010, taking place July 15 – 19 in Alexandria, VA. It is the oldest and largest animal rights gathering. It features 90 speakers from 60 organizations and will include more than 80 sessions, including workshops, reports, and panels.

For more information and to register visit: http://www.arconference.org/

3. Supporting F.E.P.

Being an all volunteer organization is challenging and we truly appreciate the support we receive from all of you!

Over the past year, F.E.P. has been working on a report to evaluate the availability of healthy foods in Santa Clara County, CA to make a strong case on the inequality facing communities of color and low-income communities in this country.

The data is compiled and we are close to being finished, but the final stages of printing and disseminating are just around the corner, and we continue to need any and all financial support.

Please consider making a donation today, no matter how big or small, because access to healthy foods should be a right and not a privilege.