1. June Events in Oregon
2. In Case You Missed It!
3. The Environmental Impact of Factory Farming
4. Matching Gift Donation through May 31st
5. Update on Food Empowerment Project’s 8th-Anniversary Event

1. June Events in Oregon
Portland area supporters have a few chances to hear Food Empowerment Project’s founder lauren Ornelas speak in June!

Friday, June 12th, at 7pm, lauren will be speaking at Portland’s Dishman Community Center about community self-determination through food justice. This talk will bring together a diverse group of anti-oppression advocates interested in exploring the connections between their work.

The group of event sponsors includes Social Justice Fund NW, Portland Vegans of Color, Resistance Ecology, All African People’s Revolution Party (Portland), Village Gardens, Janus Youth Programs, Hilltop Urban Gardens, and our friends at Food Fight! Grocery.

For those of you closer to the Eugene area, lauren will be giving this presentation again at The Boreal (in Eugene) on Monday, June 15th. More details are available here.

Please also join us June 12-14 at the 3rd annual Resistance Ecology Conference at Portland State University. lauren will be giving a talk, and F.E.P. will have a table. Stop by and say hello!

2. In Case You Missed It!
In response to the serious drought plaguing California, Governor Jerry Brown has implemented statewide mandatory water reductions.

In her most recent blog, “Should vegans be exempt from California’s mandatory drought cutbacks?,” lauren takes the issue to the local level and highlights F.E.P.’s unique work (through Sonoma County Chicken Save) to open Petaluma Poultry’s records and reveal their data regarding how many chickens they slaughter and the facility’s water usage.

Water Usage

Tune in to Suzanne Pedro’s show on Voice America to hear lauren interviewed about food justice, F.E.P.’s work, the connections between animal exploitation and environmental degradation, slavery in the chocolate industry, and so much more!

3. The Environmental Impact of Factory Farming

The news is full of stories about California’s historic and calamitous drought. This is an opportunity to think more carefully about our food system and how it impacts the natural world. In addition to the horrific consequences of factory farming for nonhuman animals, there are tremendous impacts on the environment from farmed-animal waste and agricultural chemicals. The pollutants affect health and well-being in a variety of ways, including the contamination of the water supply.

To learn more about how what we eat impacts the environment, take a look at our Pollution (Water, Air, Chemicals) article.

Please share widely!

4. Matching Gift Donation through May 31st

Donate Now!Now is a great time to donate to F.E.P.!

A generous donor has pledged to match donations up to $15,000 until May 31st. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far this month, we have raised $7,146!

We have less than two weeks to get to another $8,000 so we can get the full benefit of this match. Donate now and see the power of your contribution double!

5. Update on Food Empowerment Project’s 8th-Anniversary Event Anniversary Party

Thanks to everyone who came out to support F.E.P. at our May event! You can find pictures on our Facebook Event page (you don’t need to have a Facebook account to view).

It was such a delight to celebrate eight years of F.E.P. with our volunteers, supporters, and friends. In addition to a beautiful sunny day of celebration, you helped us raise nearly $10,000 to help F.E.P. grow!

We look forward to many more years of empowering people to create a more compassionate, just, and sustainable world through our food choices and celebrating those victories with you.