1. F.E.P. strikes new collaboration with Stanford University 

We are pleased to announce that Stanford University’s Food Summit has agreed to collaborate with Food Empowerment Project on the next phase of our work on access to healthy foods in communities of color and low-income communities in Santa Clara County. As many of you know, our first phase was our report, Shining a Light on the Valley of Heart’s Delight, and since then we have been looking for research assistance to begin our phase of surveying the impacted communities on their wants and needs. We are thrilled about this collaboration and hope to begin our work in the next few months.

We also wanted to share with you our collaboration with Santa Clara University on doing the GIS work using the data from our report.


We have been sharing this with policy makers in the area to show them what a serious issue this is.

2. Updates & Reminders 

New Sections: 

We are constantly working to keep the website growing:

GMO/Nano Foods: https://foodispower.org/gmo

Obesity: https://foodispower.org/

Our chocolate list is updated: https://foodispower.org/chocolatelist.

Speaking Engagement and Conferences: 

Vancouver – May 21st at 7 pm 

Liberation BC, an animal rights group in Vancouver, is having lauren Ornelas speak in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event will take place at the Vancouver Public Library and is free and open to the public.


Visit our table at AR2011 – check out our new t-shirts and brochure.

For more information, go to: http://www.ar2011.org/.

3. Californians Speak up for Sharks! 
If you live in California you have an excellent opportunity to help sharks. Food Empowerment Project is excited to join with others (see fact sheet) to support AB 376 (co-authored by Assemblymembers Fong and Huffman), which would ban the sale and possession of shark fins in California.For more information and on how to find your Assemblymember, please check out our new “take action” page: