1. F.E.P. Celebrates Third Birthday!

We chose May Day as our birthday to highlight part of our mission: preventing injustices against workers. Workers are the backbone of this country, especially those who work in the fields to pick our food, and yet many get little in return. We hope to have sections up on our website soon with more information about how you can help.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported our work and helped spread the word about us! We have heard from many of you and truly enjoy hearing about how you have changed your eating habits by making food choices that promote a more sustainable world.

Please remember that you can keep in touch with us more frequently by reading our blog, “Appetite for Justice”, and by following us on: Facebook or Twitter

2. Eating on a Budget

Unfortunately, many people think that eating a more compassionate diet (whether it be vegan, organic or fair trade) means spending more money. However, it is possible to eat a compassionate diet on a budget as there are foods we can cook and ways we can shop that can help lessen the negative impacts we have on the planet and our pocket books.

Check out our most recent addition to our website: https://foodispower.org/eating-on-a-budget/

3. Vegan Fideo

Some of us at F.E.P. have done without the delicious taste of fideo for decades as we were lacking a veganized recipe!

But look no further, here it is:

If you have never tried it, now is your chance! This easy, traditional recipe is something no one should do without!

Keep an eye out on our site, www.veganmexicanfood.com for tasty vegan Mexican food recipes as we often add more – but we do need your help!

Don’t forget to donate your veganized Mexican food recipes to us at info@www.foodispower.org

Oh, and if you want to donate money, feel free to do that too!

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