1. Our Anniversary Party Is Sold Out!
2. Double Your Donation Power until May 31st
3. Read up on Restaurant Workers
4. In Case You Missed It

1. Celebrate Food Empowerment Project’s 8th Anniversary–SOLD OUT!

SOLD OUT!We are sold out for Food Empowerment Project’s 8th Anniversary event on May 2nd!

Thank you all so much for your support!

We are really excited about the event and thank everyone for their support over the past 8 years!

2. Double Your Donation Power until May 31st

Donate Now!Have you been waiting for the perfect time to donate to F.E.P.? That time is now!

A generous donor has pledged to match donations up to $15,000 until May 31st, doubling the power of your contribution! Turn $10 into $20 or $500 into $1,000. Amazing!

Please make our anniversary month a huge one for F.E.P. Donate now!

3. Read up on Restaurant Workers

The Fight for 15 movement for better pay and treatment in fast food and other low-wage jobs is gaining momentum, and fast food worker strikes are receiving a ton of press attention. That makes this a great time to refresh ourselves on the harsh realities faced by restaurant workers.

What is working life like for the wait staff, dishwashers, and line cooks working behind the scenes in the restaurants we frequent?

For an answer to this question, head over to our Restaurant Workers article. You can get to know the issues better yourself and then send the information along to your friends and family!

It will be easier for people to purchase healthy foods if they are making living wages.

4. In Case You Missed It

World of Vegan featured an article on F.E.P., discussing our work on challenges to accessing healthy foods in communities of color and low-income communities.

NYC’s Drive the District recently ran a piece on ethical chocolate experiences in Brooklyn that features F.E.P.’s chocolate app!

F.E.P. volunteer Ani Quigley at the NYC Veggie Pride Parade
Calling all friends in the Denver area! On May 2nd, Nooch Market is participating in World Wide Vegan Bake Sale Day with a bake sale benefiting F.E.P.–we will receive 100% of the proceeds. Eat something yummy and support F.E.P.!

Thanks so much to F.E.P. volunteer Ani Quigley, who tabled for us at Veggie Pride in NYC last month. We can’t do our work without committed and amazing volunteers like you!


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