1. Meatout Event a Tasty Success

Food Empowerment Project, Santa Clara County Activists for Animals and the San José State Environmental Club joined together for this year’s Great American Meatout, reminding students that their food choices can save the lives of animals and protect the environment while also enjoying the taste of great food!

Over 100 veggie burgers and vegan cookies were given away as well as literature on why to go veg! The SJSU student paper, The Daily Spartan covered the event.

Thanks to both Whole Foods Market and Sunflour Cookies for their generous donations.

If you missed the event and are looking for some great tasting recipes to share, don’t forget to check out our recipe site at www.veganmexicanfood.com.

2. Cesar Chavez Holiday

Cesar Chavez was a labor leader and civil rights activist (and a vegetarian) who led a movement for the rights of farm workers. He dedicated his life to improving the lives of these poor, working people by organizing a campaign that sought higher wages for those living in and working under terrible conditions, while also addressing workers’ routine exposure to agricultural chemicals.

Last year we asked you to join us in the continuing support for a national Cesar E. Chavez holiday and this year, we ask you again!

Please visit: http://www.ufwaction.org/campaign/cecholiday_animal

Please check to see if there is an event to honor Cesar Chavez in your area:http://www.cesarchavezholiday.org/action.html

3. Urge Congress to Include Non-Dairy Vegetarian Options in School Lunches

Our nation’s children should have a choice to eat compassionately and not be forced to eat unhealthy foods. As part of our mission to ensure that access to healthy foods is a right and not a privilege, we are working to help low-income communities and communities of color gain access to healthy foods. The mission is simple: provide students with more vegetables, fruits, vegetarian options, and non-dairy alternatives. In the Latino community, many children are lactose intolerant and don’t have access to alternatives. This effort is directed specifically at schools, as students are the most vulnerable because they have few, if any choices regarding the foods that are offered at school.

Please join us in supporting the efforts of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

To act, visit: http://www.healthyschoollunches.org/wyntergrace/contact_congress.cfm

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