1. Chocolate Commitment 

This Valentine’s Day, the Food Empowerment Project asks you to make a commitment – one that we know may not be easy, though one we hope you will take as seriously as you do any choice you make to reduce suffering.

Please only support companies that do not have ties to chocolate slavery.

We have finalized our first list of companies that make vegan chocolate products that are not sourced from the slave trade in Africa.

You can find the list on our website:

For more information and insight, read our blog, Appetite for Justice:

2. Update and needs on access to healthy foods in Santa Clara County

After the November election, the Food Empowerment Project sent copies of our report, “Shining a Light on the Valley of Heart’s Delight (PDF),” to local legislators. Since then we have had meetings with a San José City Councilmember, a member of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and an Assemblymember – we hope more meetings will follow soon. We have the full support of the San José City Councilmember and a member of the County Board of Supervisors for the next phase of our efforts, and we will be seeking assistance and input from them regarding some of our policy suggestions.

But we need some help! We need a pro bono researcher with experience in research methodology. If you are interested, or know of someone who is, please contact us!

3. Tidbits: Meatout, thank you & website updates 

  • Don’t forget to organize or participate in this year’s Meatout. Founded by FARM, Meatout is an annual grassroots event that encourages the public to go meat-free – at least for a day. This is definitely one of the best organizing tools our movement has to promote veganism in a friendly way. See the following website for more information: www.meatout.org

  • A HUGE thanks to Deborah and others at NYC’s Vegan Drinks who raised $100 for Food Empowerment Project at their December event!
  • Check out the new sections on our website: Farmers’ Markets and Water Usage & Privatization
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