Access to healthy foods
We have corresponded with grocery store chain Safeway Inc. to request they change their policy that has allowed stores to put deeds on their former properties to prevent any other grocery stores from moving in for 15 years.

barefootveganWe have been busy working with our volunteer researchers to wrap up our report on access to healthy foods in Vallejo, CA.

World of Vegan featured an article discussing our work on challenges to accessing healthy foods in communities of color and low-income communities.

I was able to speak about this part of our work at the conference Social Justice for the Central Valley organized by California State University Stanislaus, where I met many who are interested in us bringing our work there.

Confectionery News published an article about F.E.P.’s work raising awareness about slavery and abuse in the Western Africa cocoa trade.

NYC’s Drive the District ran a piece on ethical chocolate experiences in Brooklyn and featured F.E.P.’s chocolate list app!

Farm worker rights

California’s 50-mile rule mandates that farm workers and their families move at least 50 miles away from their labor camps once they close for the winter, making it difficult for the children of farm workers to stay in the same school throughout the year. We continue our work in California with a coalition to change this rule so that all children in California can grow and thrive in school.Three happy kids with new school supplies

I was able to speak at the World Social Forum alongside the founder of the Center for Farmworker Families, whom we work with on issues related to farm workers.

We also organized a protest in support of Familias Unidas por la Justicia and their boycott of Driscoll’s berries.

Our school supply drive for the children of farm workers was incredible! Thanks to your generosity we were able to deliver more than 300 backpacks and thousands of school supplies directly to the children.

Since October 2014, we have had a protest every month in front of Petaluma Poultry slaughterhouse to remind people of those being killed behind their walls.

We also created a new flyer for our outreach, which includes information from our Freedom of Information Act request and Open Records request on the amount of water the slaughterhouse uses.

chickenvigilWe organized a vigil at Petaluma Poultry slaughterhouse where we came out to bear witness to the arrival of thousands of chickens bound for slaughter. We sent love and support to the chickens as they made their way in trucks to their horrific end. While we could not change their fate, we were witnesses to their anguish.

Filling our Food Chain quota. I’m sure you may know people who are interested in learning more about veganism. Here at F.E.P., we often speak to the vegan curious and so through your contributions Food Chain, our monthly newsletter aimed at supporting new and aspiring vegans, was born. We’ve now filled our quota for the first round of Food Chain. When the current subscribers receive their final newsletter, they’ll be asked to complete a survey. These surveys will help us improve Food Chain and make it one of the best resources available to help people go and stay vegan.

officeAnd more…
We also opened our first office! We were able to use it as a drop-off location for our school supply drive and to collect vegan food for victims of a massive fire not too far from us.

I spoke at events and universities throughout the United States—far too many to list here, but this year they included the Sistah Vegan Conference, the National Lawyers Guild Law for the People 2015 Conference, the Collective Liberation Conference at Cal State Long Beach, SF Farm to Fork, John F. Kennedy University’s College of Law, World Veg Festival in San Francisco, and Harvard University. Whether being interviewed for a documentary, speaking to a reporter, or talking one-on-one to someone at an event, every time I address the public, my goal is to educate people about justice in the food system and help empower them to stand up for animals, workers, and the environment.

Recognition of our work.
F.E.P. was selected by Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation for inclusion in their 2015 Good Food Org Guide to highlight the exemplary work we are doing in food justice.

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